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DCRE Labs Reorganizes Silicon Valley Operations


Sunnyvale, CA --- June 5, 2006: DCRE Labs announced today a reorganization of its corporate structure to re-align its resources to better serve the needs of corporate clients throughout Silicon Valley.

"We are extremely pleased with the renewed business environment here in the valley", said Daniel Chaney, President of DCRE Labs. "Several of us were working in the area back in 2000, just before the IT sector bubble burst. Since then, we've been focused on our community outreach program and have completed several extremely rewarding projects, not the least of which was the FamilyMessages project." The FamilyMessages.Org website helped re-unite family and loved ones in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. DCRE Labs designed, developed and deployed the website within 48 hours of the disaster and continues to provide the server, bandwidth and programming staff to develop the code further.

"FamilyMessages is just one example of how innovative technologies that were developed to meet an immediate need can be leveraged for commercial uses as well. One of our key lessons learned from that experience was the critical role that communication plays in speeding the recovery after a disaster and highlights the importance of advanced planning to meet that need.

While DCRE Labs will continue to fund and support the Katrina website (and other similar outreach projects) at no cost to the community, this re-alignment will help realize the potential commercial applications for those newly developed technologies. "We tend to develop for a specific need but design to scale to a larger audience or purpose", said Chaney.