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DCRE Labs Launches Free Health and Fitness Website: Health.Jinkle.Com


Sunnyvale, CA --- January 10, 2007: Jinkle.Com, the West Coast research division of DCRE Labs, officially launched Health.Jinkle.Com today, a free health & fitness website designed to help people shed those post-holiday pounds. The service allows users to set and track their exercise goals using innovative web-based tools including progress charts, automatically calculated daily goals and optional email reminders. "Instead of tracking weight loss, calorie intake or BMI values, our website lets you set and track your own execise goals, however modest or ambitious your workout routine might be -- the system scales really well from beginner to athletic training," said Dan Chaney, President of DCRE Labs.

The website employs a unique approach to tracking exercise and workouts by encouraging a general build-up towards goals over a longer period of time. The "100 in 100" approach to fitness starts with a baseline goal of gradually building up to being able to 100 repetitions of an exercise in 100 days. Users can choose which exercises (and the number of days, 100 is just a suggestion), then log in each day to see their unique workout routine for the day, enter their daily totals and see how far they've come towards the goal. "There are also rewards you can set for each goal, which a lot of the beta testers said helped them stay focused and on-track. Between the "Today's Target" list, the graphs showing overall progress and the rewards at the end of the goal, users tend to stick with their exercise routines when using this site." Chaney said.

One of the more interesting features of the website is the ability to enter your own exercises, if it isn't already on the 50 exercises listed. "We knew we were on to something when one of the users requested a new 'Wii' exercise, to help them track their game playing time on the popular new gamestation. We realized it would be far easier to let them enter their own but, having played the game ourselves, we can understand why they would want to treat that as an exercise!"

Though officially launched, the website will stay in a "beta" release for the current schedule (which runs until April 27th) and allow free registration, daily tracking and emails. "We've finished the foundation tools and made the adjustments reported from the early testers, so we're ready for public release of the basic system. We'll always be adding and improving the site but wanted to make it available to users now so we can better develop towards their needs going forward. We've already started development on community tools such as forums, workout blogs, virtual workout partners and the like but that effort can go on in parallel with making the tools available now." Future plans include improved support for small- and medium-businesses looking to improve exercise tools for their employees as a health-care supplemental tool. "Businesses can direct their employees here now, for individual registration but we can already tell there is a need for a more 'team goal' component for those types users and we've started the development teams on that task." Businesses interested in using such tools may contact Dan Chaney through DCRE Labs' main site or via email at