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Introducing the Blackberry Proximity Alert System
You're late for the meeting, scrolling through the latest version of the presentation on your Blackberry and you take the corner too fast, running headfirst into another Blackberry user coming the other way. Now you're both going to be bruised, in pain and worst of all: late.

Blackberry Collision Syndrome (BCS) is a growing threat in today's corporate workplace. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports over 76,000 office place injuries each year. The Office of Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) office safety data sheets haven't been updated since 1993. The first Blackberry was introduced in 1999 - and the threat has been growing ever since.

DCRE Labs takes this threat seriously and wants to move the term 'blood, sweat and tears' back to a corporate euphemism. With the Proximity Alert System (PAS), your company can provide a safer workplace. The PAS pays for itself through cost savings from reduced health care premiums, fewer worker compensation claims and improved productivity through reduced disability time. But most of all, the PAS protects you from your staff - and vice versa.

DCRE Labs: Making the hallways safe again.
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