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We specialize in two areas of today's IT arena: Management and Administration.

IT Management: The more traditional management components: budgets, staffing, business drivers (regulatory compliance, total cost of ownership, budgetary analysis, risk management, etc.)

IT Administration: The more traditional "computer science" components: server administration, patch/upgrade management, resource forecasting/allocation, data protection/disaster recovery.

Our expertise in IT Management grew from our server administration backgrounds. While we fully appreciate the day-to-day operational needs of managing an enterprise datacenter, we've also learned the necessity of bottom-dollar decisions, long-term growth planning and trend analysis and the daily balance between risk vs. reward management. By bridging the gap between the server room and the executive room, we're able to streamline budget expenditures into cost-effective, long-term solutions that meet today's needs, scale up for tomorrow's goals and handle the inevitable surprises along the way. We cover a broad range of IT management areas:

Trend Analysis / Growth Projections Regulatory Compliance / Data Security
Data Protection / Disaster Recovery Resource Planning and Management

In each of these areas, we include the standard and necessary aspects of system administration (shell/Perl scripting, C/C++ programming, kernel tuning, filesystem development and tuning, user support, trouble reporting systems and facility-wide monitoring tools), complete system design, installation, deployment and daily maintenance of systems ranging from a few servers and workstations to large-scale enterprise systems of thousands of machines. Our expertise in backup systems such as Veritas, Tivoli and Legato, combined with our storage facility experience with everything from fibre SANS to GigE/iSCSI NAS solutions allow us to develop and deploy complete systems that not only meet your needs for today but are designed with tomorrow's scalability needs in mind.

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