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DCRE Labs provides web site hosting services for a variety of clients, ranging from community outreach projects to large scale communication/coordination services using an array of database, scripting and web development skills.

Our customers tend to need more than your basic "online brochure" and turn to DCRE Labs for innovative solutions to new technologies (RSS and podcast feeds, for example) or uncommon problems (a dynamically adjusting online questionnaire with email tracking support, for example.) As a result, our basic site setup packages include everything from domain registration to art-work and logo-design -- and that's just to have the foundation to build the better website for your organization.

Our web design group prides itself on quick deployment of complex solutions through a seamless and intuitively designed web interface. If you are looking for an IT solution provide with web hosting capabilities, the database and scripting skills to back it up and the professional staff to manage enterprise-level web-based operations, DCRE Labs may be the solution for you.

DCRE Labs is a premier web hosting solution designed to meet advanced website needs with state-of-the-art solutions. Our basic site setup may or may not compare favourably to various "warehouse domain" sites but if your site is likely to grow beyond their ability to provide those basic services (ie, you need to support user logins/profiles, online ordering, interactive maps/directions, statistical analysis on questionnaires, web traffic ROIs, etc.) then DCRE Labs will help your website grow and expand into the full web-based presence today's markets need to stay competitive.

Bottom line: We aren't trying to be the next big webhosting company. However, if you have a basic site that is likely to grow in complexity, size or functionality (or you are a community outreach/basic startup or individual enterprise), then we can probably help you out quite a bit. We invite you to browse our web site and learn a little more about us: who we are, what we do and why we do it. At DCRE Labs, we're looking for the challenge or a chance to do the Right Thing. If you have one, let's take a look...

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