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DCRE Labs originally developed this section of the site to provide a handy, web-based reference resource for network development. However, the sudden rise of DDOS attacks required us to remove most of the tools (Actually, they have been relocated to our partner group over at Jinkle, but registered access is required.) The only debugging tool we have opted to leave behind is a simple IP reporting mechanism:
Hi there.... I believe you hail from (port 37664)
via something that gives me no REFERER info
as of Wed, 2:29 PM (PST) May 22nd, 2024
We apologize for having to remove the toolset but our "free" services were interfering with those "non-free" clients who pay the bills and let us offer other "free", less alluring targets, thus the decision.

  • CIDR Reference sheet (new window)
    The CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Router) assignment style of netmask and IP references is a convenient shortcut but for those who are new (or old!) to this style, we've provided a pop-up window with a CIDR Reference sheet for your use.
  • Geographic/IP lookup (new window)
    This site is incredibly useful though not 100% accurate. For larger ISPs and providers, it tends to locate the corporate address. Nonetheless, for quick lookups to get a country or timezone location, this isn't half bad...
    Alternatively, Charlotte Bishop at comparitech recommends